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    Day 332/366: Avatar


    A mythic drops torrential electricity into the ground of green; does it matter, if it’s only the alien to hear the scream? That may be too simple a question to ask, but its answer is shrouded in the moral debate of being alive. How does one quantify worth, or the subconscious? Should we even have the right to, or is that the hamartia of humanity dragging its heels through the snow; a snobbish child unable to…

  • Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

    Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones


    Day 344/366: Attack of the Clones


    Play into it. You have to adapt your entire palette to like and enjoy the prequels, but most so for Attack of the Clones. Upon brief skims over it looks and structures itself as a bottomless pit of romance and melodrama: meaningful action limited until the final 30. Riddled here is iconography of sand and slain infants, but it’s the melody in the madness that is so transcendent. 

    Lucas asks you to change…

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  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring



    The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring has a lot of setup to do; a lot. That causes the first 30-40 minutes or so to meander along, your only hope for enjoyment to marvel at the stunning cinematography on display. It’s a slow start, no doubt about that. Once you find Liv Tyler, however, everything kicks into gear, and for the next two hours gut busts you until you have to tap out. It’s strange how so…

  • Over the Garden Wall

    Over the Garden Wall



    There are leaves on the doormat from yesterday's bruntings. Always forget to shake it off, taking mementoes as hostages to the indoors. The orange manages to strike so softly against the greyish walls, it seems almost rude to put them out: until the next morning, where you accidentally step on them. Harshly sentimental cracks with a sunset sensibility, your soles feel, but you do not. Another lunge and you're out; leaf decrepit and dying. Split it sits, waiting for…

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  • Soul



    Day 360/366: Soul


    The issues with Soul lie in its attempted grandiosity; your best hope for enjoyment to let your eyes centre in on the specific moments. What it’s attempting to say is enlightening, especially given the target audience, but what should be a light drizzle ends as a torrential rainfall - friction, painful. Joe, as a character, is so utterly blind sighted it’s hard to see it as believable, and whatever arc he goes through is ultimately undermined…

  • A Silent Voice

    A Silent Voice


    Day 283/366: A Silent Voice


    As long as you have love and a little masochism in you, you can beat a little thing like an allergy, can you not?

    Do you like me or the serotonin? The idea of my smile over you or the thoughts in my head? Am I just an exercise in ego, a jump start from a relationship long lost or am I going to lead to your jump starts in the future? It isn't…