Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★★★

John Carpenter is the Fritz Lang of the 1980s and Escape from New York is perhaps the most pro cannabis movie of all time — I mean do you want to live in a world where doped up soldiers guard an island full of poor people? No, of course not. That would be insane — 
oh, hi there prison-industrial complex, hi. How are you? How’s Nancy? How are the kids... Bobby trying out for football this year? Good, good. Mmm... Oh I almost forgot! Bonnie found this on our lawn... hmm what’s that? why’d we put it in a plastic bag? Well, prison industrial complex, it’s a strap-on, and you always want to do the polite thing and wash your delicates before returning them to your neighbor.


Well played, John Carpenter. Well played.

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