Malignant ★★★★

Ok this was super fun. It feels like a throwback retro horror, harkening back to previous eras of horror films with the way the story unfolds, the way it’s filmed and even down to the music, it all feels very retro. A good old fashioned horror flick with loud scares and creaking doors and monsters in the closet, all that kinda stuff. I think James Wan is a great director no matter what the genre, but this as his return to horror after the other things he’s been doing is awesome, it manages to be both familiar and fresh at the same time. Love Annabelle Wallis as the leading lady, she needs to be in more please, for almost the entire film she’s got her eyes open wide and looking up just like in the poster, very committed. The climax is amazing, I was living for it, the whole 3rd act is just pure mayhem.

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