Stalker ★★★★★

I tend to exaggerate a lot, and I basically love every movie, but can’t shake of my mind that this is one of the best films of all-time. Explores what many Sci-Fi films have tried to replicate throughout the years, but can never firmly evoke as amazingly like Stalker. Sci-Fi Art Film is what I can describe this film, a broken humanity seeking happiness in the grim reality they face, within the zone there’s a joy to be discovered. Questions of faith with religious outlook of our catholic protagonist known simply as the title says, Stalker. It’s the matter of how they get there and what will happen.

Movies like these are so hard to find, the whole film if done today would’ve been 40 minutes with our small attention span execs would’ve wanted the artist to cram so many things and leave them undercooked. But Stalker is a special film, takes it’s precious time to unravel, accompanied with astounding visuals, shots that the average length are 88 seconds, it is a movie that will live on and be analyzed by generations to come. Also I’m impressed a 1979 film looks so good on Blu-ray, Criterion did a more than perfect job restoring this Science Fiction masterpiece. I’m not surprised if I find myself rewatching it soon.

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