Beanpole ★★★★

**fyi watched in russian w french subs so I didn’t get all of it but I got more than enough*

1. Excellent knitwear. 
2. I usually hate movies that utilize strong greens, yellows, and reds as the major color scheme but it works really beautifully here.
3. People who made this movie are so goddamn young. Good for em. Proud of em.
4. Would maybe let go of my lesbian ways for that world weary doctor.
5. Some of the scenes are absolutely gut wrenching. 
7. Soundscape of machinery, high pitched whine, and silence juxtaposed with small nature details on wallpaper, blankets etc. 
8. One of the many things that this movie brought back to mind from my reading of Alexievich’s The Unwomanly Face of War is how many women related that they didn’t know how to be a “woman” anymore and that lots wouldn’t talk about their past on the front because men didn’t want soldiers for wives. Also, it seemed like the happiest marriages spoken of tended to be between women who had married soldier sweethearts from during the war because they understood each other’s’ experiences. So on several levels it makes sense that these two physically and mentally sick women love each other and find solace in each other despite lots of ugliness in their relationship as well. 
9. How do you bring war and ptsd into a female realm where there is officially no space for it? I’m grateful for movies that portray women & ptsd. 
10. Many discussions of family and children in this movie naturally get followed by a report of how many are still alive. There is zero romanticism of war in this movie. Good. 
11. Go watch that YouTube video on WWII casualty statistics. Having a visual aid really gives a sense (as much as anything can) of how many of the Soviet Union population died during the war and it is astonishing. (Also, the fucking soviets are the ones that won wwii, don’t @ me)
12. Idk gotta watch again once I can find it with English subs.

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