• Witness



    This might just be one of the most spectacular films I have ever seen.
    I watched Witness in my film screening class with Lorenzo Di Bonaventura because this is something every filmmaker needs to see. Before starting the film, he told us that Witness is said to have a perfect script, whatever that means to you. He was right.
    When Lorenzo said this had the most perfect script, I was expecting there to be a lot of talking with good…

  • Drive



    This is way better than Baby Driver.

    I really really really liked this. Drive has been on my watchlist for a while mostly because I have been obsessed with Ryan Gosling recently and can't wait to see him in the new Barbie movie.
    Drive is one of those movies you don't forget. There were SO MANY visually aesthetic shots that made my film student heart warm. This was one of the things that I was looking at while watching because…

  • The 40 Year Old Virgin

    The 40 Year Old Virgin


    This movie was great but WHAT WAS THAT ENDING?

  • Jonas Brothers Family Roast

    Jonas Brothers Family Roast


    If you have been a Jonas Brothers fan from the beginning, this is the funnest thing ever.

  • tick, tick...BOOM!

    tick, tick...BOOM!


    I'm just going to say what has been said so many times: Lin needs to stay behind the camera as a writer/director because this was one of the most beautiful things he has ever created.
    I am a theatre nerd at heart, so this movie really hit close to home. Even if you aren't a theatre person or don't have a special connection to the content, watch this anyway for the performances and the writing and the heartwarming story.

  • 1408



    I watched 1408 in one of my film classes taught by Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, and for some reason the DVD Lorenzo brought in had the wrong ending on it. There are actually 3 different endings that different members of the executive team wanted to be the theatrically released ending, but it was just so funny to hear about all of them in the theatre. We watched the second ending and then went back and watched the official theatrically released ending. Both were great (I like the second ending more, don't tell Lorenzo).

  • Red Notice

    Red Notice

    Watched the first 2 minutes of it and I was bored

  • All Too Well: The Short Film

    All Too Well: The Short Film


    Not even a swifty and I loved this

  • Fantastic Mr. Fox

    Fantastic Mr. Fox


    A comfort movie

  • The Deer Hunter

    The Deer Hunter


    Fuck man. I talked to Lorenzo Di Bonaventura after watching this and he said that he comes back to watch this movie before he produces any action film because it gets gore and horror better than any other film.
    This film really messed me up. The fact that it is a war film but only one-third of it takes place in the war is brilliant. I felt every single emotion on the span of human emotions while watching this. Even though it is a 3-hour long film, it needs to be that long.

  • The Lost Daughter

    The Lost Daughter


    Chapman University students got an early screening of this movie a month before it comes out. DAKOTA JOHNSON came afterwards and did an interview. My life is complete. 

  • Eternals



    I really wanted to like this.
    Going to the theater to watch Marvel movies used to be a unique experience. Fans, young and old, gathered together to watch their favorite comic book characters come to life. Whether you were a comic book fan before the movies were made, have been a gan since they came out in theaters, or just binge-watched all the movies over quarantine, we all went to the theater to experience a world unlike our own. A world where we could escape for two and a half hours despite how scary our own world can be.