Stalker ★★★★

i wanted to read some posts on this to help me understand it better but then i realized i shouldnt and dont want to be influenced by other ppls reviews before i write down what i think first. so ill try

i mean yeah, it felt quite hard for me to understand, and ill always say this about tarkovsky movies but i always worry that im missing something lost in translation and i think thats always a bit inevitable with films in languages you dont know, but ill try not to use that as a cop out too much

i think my main complaint is that i couldnt understand why most characters did some things and this kind of "took me out" of the movie, like Writers frequent disobedience, for example; it wasnt very easy for me to tell what tarkovsky wanted to say through this film or what most things represented

what of course i have to gratuitously commend is the way everything looked, the world was truly AMAZING and captivating, walking through the zone had a real dreamlike quality and im a person who basically never feels that way, massively impressed with that (could not stop thinking how extremely gross and uncomfortable it mustve been to slog through the water and stuff tho)

before i realized i should stop reading other peoples reviews, one that kinda helped was someone saying "everyone will come away with a different reading of this". if i had to say what mine is, and i do say this with quite a bit of hesitance and using the other tarkovsky movies ive seen as a crutch, id like to think this isnt as bleak a movie as people say:
there are several glimpses of tenderness (hugely underrated: Writer waking up with his head against Professors chest after basically taking the piss out of each other previously. that was amazing!!) that seem to communicate to me, while there may not be some cosmic and supremely "correct" goodness in humans, that does not mean we lack goodness at all; for one to desire and pursue the right thing is the best we can ask of ourselves, and the natural mode of humanity is goodness (hence Writer waking close to Professor; its unconscious)
the entire Porcupine storyline i think suggests this; his goal was to get his brother back, but he was granted riches instead, which was apparently his true innermost desire. however, the guilt caused him to kill himself. this is a bit perplexing to untangle and reconcile with my optimistic takeaway, but a guilt that strong is not worth nothing. therefore, as human beings living in a complex society and world, we may not possess a pure righteousness and correctness the way the room (or god) does, but even so we strive to it the best we can (or, we should)

theres still lots of things i dont really understand like the telekinesis idk im about to read other peoples thoughts and reflect more on my own but this is the best answer i can give fresh and nearly blind. phew i need to give this another watchthrough for sure though

p.s. oh ALSO the bit where Writer gets first introduced and one of the first things he says is basically "it was so much cooler in the middle ages" that had to be a joke right? an andrei rublev callback joke right??? someone PLEASE tell me you also thought this

edit p.p.s. oh yeah also the sudden and jarring "PART 2" whats up with that

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