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  • A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy

    A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy


    I, for one, really love Woody's sillier films like this. Perfectly charming and lots of fun. I especially loved the country house atmosphere. Felt like I got to go on a summer getaway with many laughs.

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    As someone who has no interest in comic books, Spider-man or even superheroes in general, I found this very fun and entertaining.

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  • The Recorder Exam

    The Recorder Exam


    The production design was so on point and authentic, I felt like I was watching a movie from the 80s. Looking forward to House of Hummingbird.

  • Forever, Chinatown

    Forever, Chinatown


    Oh my god, this is so beautiful!
    Someone get some artwork on this page please!
    If I may nitpick just one little bit, there's a point where Frank says there's a miniature book on the bed and the cover is a poem that says something along the lines of "I can achieve anything from my bed". Either the filmmakers couldn't find the right miniature that he was talking about, or Frank got fooled by someone, because that book cover is a Chinese takeout menu.

    Saw on Canadian Kanopy.