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  • The Night of the Hunter

    The Night of the Hunter


    Every frame is truly a painting here, with a love bleeding through in the care evident in production value.

    An antagonist comparable to Judge Holden in Blood Meridian, striking archetypal impressions embedded in the script and imagery. A perhaps convoluted but compelling symbolism displaying the deception of moral dualism. The level of menace and adversity presented against the goodness in this story almost seems anachronistic, although the sentimentality rears its head, at times being a distracting contrast despite its mostly redeeming authenticity.

  • Piercing



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Everything here is well done. It's sleek and compact enough to leave one wanting a bit more, wondering why the full dynamic of the novel was cut short. Seeing that the production honors the source material, I'd trust them to have been able to successfully expand the script to include the full development of Jackie/Chiaki (Mia Wasikowska). The main substance of the novel's richness is in its parallel format, alternating between the perspectives of both main characters, exploring their mutually…

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  • Joker



    Most of the (seething) negative reviews I'm seeing here seem to be in reaction against the praise and hype for the movie, and the cultural uproar surrounding it, instead of the movie itself. I understand that art doesn't exist in a vacuum, but the obviously self-righteous language in the top-rated reviews here cannot be separated from knowing that identitarian "leftists" (who dominate the Letterboxd community) were disgusted with everything surrounding this movie before it came out, disgusted with Todd Phillips…

  • Unsane



    Creepy and claustrophobic (in a good way) cinematography reminiscent of "Inland Empire" with a lovely performance by Claire Foy, held back by a too-safe script that dips into tense or interesting but averages out to frustratingly cliche and echoes Soderbergh's "Side Effects" in its pseudo-twist and climax (not really in a good way)

    Loved the technique, liked the cast, loved Foy. Soundtrack didn't fit the direction. Script bottlenecked the potential. Refreshing experimental filmmaking mixed with Hollywood cliches made the cliches extra annoying.