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This review may contain spoilers.

I’ll be honest when I say that I have been sitting on making a review of this all day. 

FYI just finished writing and it’s long and is just me rambling about stuff. Gimme tips to be a better reviewer lol. But also read cause I do say cool things. Enjoy ~ 

This is now the second film by Brandon Cronenberg. I remember first seeing Antiviral and was very shocked yet pleased to see violent horror in a science fiction film. So you know I was very interested in Possessor

Going into this film I was built with excitement ready for some fun energetic violent galore and instead, I ended up coming out legit quite depressed. Now, is that cause I didn’t like the film? No. I actually loved this film. It just has very strong narrative choices and themes which were very well fucked, to say the least. 

The main colours which were shown in this were red and yellow, also some other colours but they were the main ones. I feel like those choices were perfect.
Red: showing the rage and anger of Tasya. The rage and anger that she wants to escape what she has started ever since she was a little girl. 
Yellow: showing the insanity of what type of corporation she is involved in. 

The audio as everyone says it’s loud and mean, very much so. As much as I didn’t appreciate the soundtrack let alone the score on the first watch. I have been listening to the soundtrack online and it’s really good stuff. It’s aggressive and really expresses the anger of this film. Top marks for Jim Williams. 

I will admit that even by the end I truly wasn’t sure what I watched there were areas where I was confused on I guess the plan, but having some time away from the film with some thinking involved I have realised it’s quite up to your interpretation. I for one like to think she’s a mass assassin who has been brought into the world killing ever since she was a little girl (hence the butterfly). But whatever your interpretation is I can understand as I don’t see it as a one fine line type of story. 

Let’s talk about the visuals/gore. Well, first of all, I saw the uncut and rated version, the proper way to see this film. It’s violent vibrant and very messy with its gore. Yeah, I didn’t expect how much violent this was going to be, I knew it was going to be something but nothing like using one of those chimney spikes to shoot it through a man's eye. Nah, didn’t expect that. It’s just super violent and yeah I loved it. The gore looked spot on, I can tell Brandon has upgraded himself on that level. 

I absolutely loved the segment where Tasya is being transferred into Colin and that transition is beautiful to see. Very much reminded me of ep 8 of twin peaks the return. Actually, this is a good gateway to mention that there are some Lynch vibes to this film. The whole science fiction segment felt very much like twin peaks. Especially the colours, oh also that infamous ripping off Tasya’s face and wearing it part ooh yes. Good scene 

Anyway, I’m rambling. This ain’t a proper review lol. But yeah I loved it that’s the bottom line. It’s visually wonderful and the gore was just what I have been after. I very much will be re-watching it and it’s getting that 5-star cause of just everything tbh. This slapped hard!

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