The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★★

So I initially was going to write this meme worthy thing of a review, but while sitting down with my family eating a fisherman’s basket I said “oh what the heck, this film ruled.” 

So here we are, another stylish animated film centred on technology oh what a bore.... 
yeah it would be a bore if you’re idk, 80 years old or something. 

Guys, this is aimed for practically all ages. Those who are around the ages of 5-10 will love it, teens will enjoy it and damn 20 year olds like myself will get a massive kick from it. 

The Mitchells vs. The Machines, even though it has a long title is also a very fantastic film. The last animated film I enjoyed was Wolfwalkers, but as most films there were a few problems with that. As much as I enjoyed its style, there was just something missing and I still don’t know what it was.

We now jump to tonight with this film. The comedy, oh boy the comedy. It was good like really fucking good. I’m a shit when it comes to teenage jokes, but I think what nails it is when the family is oblivious to such themes but try to understand it. Such as one scene the dad is working out how YouTube functions, and it doesn’t just show that it shows multiple panels, aggressive anger in the dads eyes and dramatic anger and frustration. But still remaining comedic. 

What I’m trying to say, is that even though it may feel cliche in a lot of scenes, it’s not. It’s the opposite, you expect something and then that something turns into a dialogue which gets a dog confused with a loaf of bread.. it’s wild, and honestly it’s why I love this film. The comedy just works, and constant as well. 

Moving past the comedy, we have the animation/style. Now there are a few people saying it’s like they copied Spiderverse, and as much as I can see simularities it’s not 100% true. The most you see which is in comparison, is that there are moments where you see ripples of words/pictures flying off the person within the individuals emotions. But that is all. So, those who say this is a rip off, they need to can it. 

The style I’ll be honest reminded me more of The Croods, yeah that animated flick lol. It had a bouncy art style, didn’t take itself too seriously and just went with the flow. This was like that, but better. It had a pop type filter with every scene full with colour, it very much put myself back with childhood animations such as cloudy with a chance of meatballs. The colours in this film was beautiful, it was clean but yet still showed every bit of detail it needed. 

Lastly we come to the story. I went in blind, as you should also and yeah this was a pleasant story. Shit, it made me tear up for some god damn reason. It wasn’t anything powerful or anything, just an adventure with the family while shit is hitting the fan around the world lol

Okay, so that’s my review. Boom, it’s great uh go see it. Yeah, it’s very good. I’ll be watching it again with my niece and family as I know very much it’ll be the film for them. 

Peace out, go watch it. 
5 (yeah, I wasn’t lying this is great)

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