Nobody's Fool ★★★★½

My mom loves this movie and i haven't seen it since I was a kid. Rewatching I get it. Sure, there's a thing in it about an abusive alcoholic parent that she definitely latched on to because of her mom, but there's also this thing it feels like it's touching on about a generation of Americans inhabiting some small, snowy corner of the country that no one gives a shit about, and given that she was from a small town in Montana I'm sure she connected with that too.

Sentimental familial bullshit aside this movies works on every level and Newman using his Godlike talent to play a silly old deadbeat is so effortless and magnetic. The stories feel as isolated and small town-ish as the setting itself and it has this vibe throughout that you're peering in on the dramas that we create when we have nowhere else to go.