Ratatouille ★★★★★

Still... my fav Pixar film. If The Prince of Egypt didn't exist, this would easily be THE movie that inspired me to be a future writer. When I have my usual existencial crisis, I always have the feeling to rewatch this movie, because honestly, out of all the movies I saw, this is the one film that speaks to me emotionally the most (if we are discounting Fantastic Mr. Fox).

Ratatouille is certainly Pixar's most rewatchable flick. And during every rewatch, it always feels like it gets better every time. The texture of the foods look so much realistic and most of the time, they even look beautiful. And the score is so dynamic and so alive, that you often forget that this is a film about a rat that controls a human by his hair.

And the story is something that should be experienced by everyone that has the dream to be an artist. Because not anyone has the capability to create something revolutionary and ultimately life-changing. But that doesn't mean that YOU can't create something that can change someone's life for the best.

I already talked about it, and I might talk about it more, I mean, if this isn't the most rewatchable film ever made, then what is?(... a movie that isn't Fantastic Mr. Fox, please) I would reccomend you to check out this: youtu.be/DkdokuYtsZ8

It highlights almost all my thoughts about this movie, and if you still haven't watched the video, I really reccomend you to. And if you still haven't watched this movie... then what the cuss are you doing with your life?


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