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If you had any cinematic experiences during your childhood, you always had that ONE movie that you always cared about. The one movie that transformed your life for the best, the one movie that you and your siblings/friends quote at the same time you're watching, the one movie that is always a delight to rewatch. For me, there are a lot of examples, but I think the one movie that has that definition to me, is Toy Story 2.

It's almost impossible for me to talk of what makes this movie one of my all time favs. Because when we have this type of experience, you hear the most invisible tune of the movie, and you just do nothing but be happy about it. You quote all the movie and you just laugh and laugh and think to yourself "man, this movie is so good, I'm so glad this was my childhood". But then, you grow, and you start forgetting what made your life what it is today, and you "move on". But then one day, you can see this movie on TV, and once you do, you just quote the movie, and laugh with the movie, as if there was no tomorrow.

And you remember what made your life so much fantastic, and then you become a father, and you show this movie to your kids, and "kaboom!", the same movie that marked your life, will mark your son's life, because that's what my father did to me, and showed me all the movies that made his life (except this one, I saw this one with myself and with my siblings). And, tbh, that is what this movie and its sequel is about.

About making a child's life, and mind you not just a child's life, but a person's life. I'm so thankful to God to have let me watch this masterpiece, I'll always remember it, with the bottom of my heart.


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