Constantine ★★★

A pretty interesting, if preposterous exercise in theological and supernatural action-adventure that managers to wade through Catholic and biblical dogma without getting too bogged down in it.

Constantine (Reaves) is a somewhat shady antihero, in the grand Noir tradition, hard-boiled and alone. He is trying to redeem his spotty life on earth to get out of the wordly limbo he currently inhabits, primarily by doing good acts. But to those in heaven, his actions reek of being self-serving.

Constantine meets a detective whose disturbed twin sister (Weisz) dies; he he tries to help her make sense of the visions both twins used to have.

The goal of the plot is a little muddled, you could say, but there is a lot of action, and very cool gothic effects. The film is uneven, and unfocused at times, but there is a lot to like about it.