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  • Contempt



    I don't like Jean-Luc Godard..

    ..and I consider my self an avid cinephile. To elaborate.

    Contempt is his 6th work that I saw. Well past the adjustment period. I respect him for what he did, making a new cinematic language in the 1960s. But, once he said: “All you need to make a film is a girl and a gun". You can, and he did, but he made some numbers of them. His cinematic style is wild & free, playful & youthful,…

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  • Mysterious Skin

    Mysterious Skin


    There aren't a lot of movies which have done this subject as good as Araki did in Mysterious Skin. Without any melodramatic parts, looking as a high quality teenage drama tinted with, now famous "Araki style”. It's a tough movie to watch, with some very uncomfortable and violent parts, but it will stay with you for some time.

    Although I like his earlier works more, precisely Teen Apocalypse Trilogy, you can tell that this is his most serious and mature work. Gregg Araki is slowly entering my favorites.

    (Shoegaze & dream pop ❤️)

  • The Living End

    The Living End


    If I ever get bored of movies, hope something will surpass this excitement that I have for cinema right now.

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  • Dara of Jasenovac

    Dara of Jasenovac


    Ispunio je očekivanja koja sam imao još prvog dana kada sam saznao za film i njegovu radnju.

    Očekivao sam plitke karaktere, priču u jednom/jednostavnom smeru, film prepun scena koje služe zarad šokiranja publike i naravno nakon tih scena "tužnu muziku koja u sebi sadrži klavir kako bi izmanipulisao suzu iz mene". Uglavnom, očekivao sam (već viđen) film sa slabom umetničkom crtom, koji bi znatno bolje prošao kao visoko-budžetni dokumentarac.

    Tehnički je - dobar. Imao je dovoljan budžet za to (plaćen…

  • 1917



    Good and memorable experience, some over the top emotional parts, melodramatic parts and nice achievement in cinematography but I guess you can "buy" that look for the budget of 100 million, not to disrespect the work of Roger Deakins.

    And no, is not the best WW1 film. (Think of Paths of Glory, La Grande Illusion, All Quiet on the Western Front and a few more)