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  • Closed Jeans (series 1+2) + Metamorphojean

    Closed Jeans (series 1+2) + Metamorphojean

    a lot of people try to frame godard's advertising work as some sort of "gotcha", as in "you claim to be a marxist-leninist but yet you require money!" I think it's abundantly clear that godard's advertising work is only for the sake of fundraising for his radical projects, and you can tell this because he only takes ad gigs during his most radical periods (see: schick after shave).

    the content of these ads is nothing special. if I'd seen it…

  • Comment ça va?

    Comment ça va?


    feels like one of godard and mieville's most didactic films, not as much as something like lotte in italia, but equally as interested in discursion and praxis (christ that sentence. what has godard done to me?). this is probably the godard film which I am least familiar with the specific political references it is making, and that may have had something to do with it not being my favorite, so I'll have to do some research and watch it again.…

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  • Waves



    I can't believe how wrong I was.

    this film truly revealed itself on a third viewing. trey edward shults has crafted such heartfelt characters here. tyler's emotional identity struggles, both with his father and his peers, are incredibly relatable to anyone who was this age when this movie took place. the fantastic cinematography compliments the scenes so well, whether it's the continuously spinning camera highlighting the dizzying stress or excitement of a scene, or the claustrophobic aspect ratio changes instilling…

  • Taste of Cherry

    Taste of Cherry


    whenever I go through bad depressive episodes, it becomes impossible for me to watch movies. you can look at my letterboxd diary and directly see the times when I'm most depressed based on the gaps in my movie viewing. when I go through these episodes, the act of even sitting down and paying attention to a movie feels like the most strenuous and impossible task. movies are one of my favorite hobbies. one of the art forms I'm most passionate…