• For The Sake of Yousef
  • My Mister

    My Mister


    This is litterly the best kdarama ever. No other kdrama reached this point of rawness and depth. So beautifully executed from direction to screenplay to cast to acting to even soundtracks. My only tiny problem with it is the side characters. I felt like they got the same screen time as the main characters -which would have been a good thing usually but not with this show- when the story is all about the main characters.

    It tells a story…

  • Coco Before Chanel

    Coco Before Chanel

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The fact that this is the first movie I remember watching is so random and funny to me lmao I remember being a ten year old sobbing over arthur’s death on the living room sofa.. so random
    why did arthur have to die tho that shit hurted

  • The Leopard

    The Leopard

    I’ve read others review this in a really detailed way when I feel like I spent 3 hours just looking at luxurious mansions, clothes and jewelry, fancy gardens in italy and a pretty girl.
    I don’t regret it though.

  • Persona



    Got better towards the ending (also unsurprisingly starts depending more on iu’s acting rather than her face and looks)

    I loved especially the last two episodes (episode 3 & 4).

    episode three is titled “Kiss Burn” is like a short coming of age film. I would really love to see a full length coming-of-age movie for the same plot and characters starring the same people.

    Episode four is titled “Walking at Night”, it gave me a before trilogy meets roma vibe. I…

  • The Last Princess

    The Last Princess


    Watched this movie because I expected a high performance from son ye jin, and she did not disappoint. The rest of the casting was also notable. A good historical drama overall.

  • Miracle in Cell No. 7

    Miracle in Cell No. 7


    Aras bulut is a gem that embodies every role he takes and brings luck and high ratings to every tv show he does and i love that for him

  • Six Blind Eyes

    Six Blind Eyes

    لما تشوف الفلم بتلاحظ ان الدكتور يقول كلام مهم ودرر.. بس الكاميرا اللي تصوره مافيها focus
    هذا بالضبط اختصار الفلم
    محاولة لتوصيل حوارات فلسفية بإخراج مزعج

  • Yomeddine



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    بشاي رجل مجذوم، يتصف بطيبة وأخلاق الفلاحين، يقرر الذهاب في رحلة للبحث عن أهله الذين تخلوّا عنه، رحلة يخسر فيها كل شيء بداية من ماله الذي يُسرق وعربته ال"كاررو" الذي يحمل عليها حاجياته وحماره الذي يموت خلال الرحلة، ولكن يكسب في نهايتها الصُلح مع أهله.

    الإخراج رائع والموسيقى التصويريه جميله جدا
    فلم مؤثر وجميل

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    I can’t review this movie with my three last-standing brain cells, so I’m just gonna ramble about stuff I love about this film

    First of all, I love the intro where everybody's dancing on their cars. It's one of the best intro scenes I've ever seen in movies.
    I like how Ingrid Bergman appears on two scenes in the movie, one as the background painting of mia's bedroom and the second she was a picture at the street where seb…

  • Close-Up



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Abbas Kiarostami 💛
    The clips shown in the movie are real clips from the actual trial of Hussien Sabzian, the man whom this particular movie revolves around. After Sabzian commits identity theft of his favorite movie director Mohsen Makhmalbaf and lies to a family about being the latter, The family suspects fraud and drags him to court. Now since this is based on a real story all the scenes in the movie are a remake of the actual events except…

  • Children of Heaven

    Children of Heaven


    this is easily one of my favorite films. The movie is by dir. Majid Majidi, one of the most brilliant. The protagonists are children whom the whole story revolves around & narrated through. The story itself is so raw and beautiful and this movie highlights poverty through children. It discusses children, in poverty, in poor children's shoes, litterly and figuratively. The acting is so simple and original. I'll just say that I love this movie so much and it deserves to…