Dune ★★★★★

Not since a certain trilogy about a certain ring we've witnessed a vision as grand as Denis Villeneuve's Dune. Another story that was said to be unfilmable due to its massive scope and enormous worldbuilding. Now, the most ambitious director working in Hollywood today, pushed bounderies, reached to the sky and beyond to create a grand, in surreality drenched adventure that is, in the first place, overwhelming. Every single image, every single setpiece, every single costume and every single tune of Hans Zimmer's mystical score is carefully crafted within a visual and auditory experience that's meticulously designed, thrilling and spectacular, even when the action itself doesn't appear for a lot of its runtime. Its overall sense of dread, its gut-wrenching tension and its exhilarating visual style entirely make up for that. Dune's character development is thematically rich and epic, surreal and mythical. It's about prophecies, about dealing with a fate larger then ourselves, about devastating powers beyond our reach, about adapting to the situation and about survival. It's about war, it's about hereditary duty, about clashing worlds and about lurking darkness. At times it's visible that even Villeneuve struggled a little to find a right balance to fittingly structure a story of this scale, but I'd hardly call that a flaw. The flow of the film doesn't suffer from it and the story remains utterly compelling, like a hypnotic, irresistable force is pulling you in and never letting you go. It's just that it is a lot to comprehend and to process at only a first watch. But you know what? I'm gonna watch this again anyway. Dune is cinema. Dune is wonder. Dune is amazement. Dune is creativity. Dune is artistic freedom. Dune is ambition. Dune is visionary. Dune is what cinemas are made for. Dune is what film as a medium is made for.

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