Locke ★★★★

Tom Hardy's one man show is impressive in Locke. He's the only actor we see, and from start to finish he convinces with an emotional, sensitive performance as hefty as they come and it's truly incredible.
On paper this story seems destined to be made into a thriller, and it takes guts and charisma to instead morph it into a deep existential drama, but ultimately succeeds as its driving its way into a deeply human downfall. A psychological rollercoaster that descends into both the psychological breakdown of a man who's self reflection comes too late and the terrible consequences for those of meaning around him. And with that, ultimately, also to himself. The mistakes of one's self causes chain reactions. One can't hurt the self without hurting others and one can't hurt others without in some way hurting one's self too. It's an infinite circle of inescapable tragedy, concluding in a final sentence that's getting lost somewhere in between ambiguity and meaninglessness. Yet, the affecting and utterly dramatic journey that leads to that headscratcher of a finale was worth going through, no matter how mysterious the intentions of the entire build up proved to be after all.