Red Notice

Red Notice ★★★★

Silliness in overdrive and yet, a solid, entertaining spectacle. It's pure movie magic of the most over the top kind. With a stellar and sympathetic cast Red notice manages to entertain and be funny while driven forward by a twist-loaded plot and a pleasant pace. Every next twist sillier than the last, but it fits the film's self awareness. It embraces the crazy magic of the adventure genre and doesn't hold back there, untill it goes off the rails in the final twenty minutes where the climactic twist proves to be a bit of a headscratcher. Yet, it also brings an interesting opening for where the sequel could be heading, which I most definitely am going to see. Is it an "objectively" good movie? No, maybe not. But being pure, enjoyable, silly, funny and action packed movie magic is really worth something as well, at least if you'd ask me. Maybe it was because of low expectations, but yeah, I enjoyed Red notice a whole lot!

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