Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★

Although it's full of emotional depth and powerfull character development, I can't say that I found it a very compelling whole.

Something about the pacing just felt a bit off for me. There are more than a few gripping individual scenes throughout, and the arc about learning to accept things rather than to hopelessly continue to search for a non-existent solution is a strong way to approach a story like this. And yet I wasn't gripped by it all. Though, I found the first 45 minutes or so somewhat compelling, but after that it seemed to lose momentum a bit, which never entirely came back, with the result that it started to drag a little from there.

The acting is excellent and the main character is well written and yet I wasn't gripped throughout. At least not for a considerable lenghty part of the film. There were parts, especially during the scenes at the clinic, that were moving and captivating. It's loaded with unique, creative technical craft, with depth, and with convincingly great acting. Its ending is also very powerful and I appreciate and respect this film for the fantastic achievement that it is in some ways. But somehow it just didn't fully work for me personally and I even found myself utterly bored at some point.

I can't entirely put my finger on the why behind it, especially because this film is very well made on so many levels and the performances are also strong, but somehow I can't say I loved this.

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