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  • Dancer in the Dark

    Dancer in the Dark


    Why do I love it so much?
    What kind of magic is this?
    How come I can't help adore it?
    It's just another musical......

    To me Dancer In The Dark is not just another Musical, to me Dancer In The Dark means everything, Dancer In The Dark has changed my life and without it I would be completely lost. Before I watched Dancer In The Dark I never thought it was possible to feel such uncontrollable sadness and at the…

  • Breaking the Waves

    Breaking the Waves


    Breaking My Heart

    Just like Dancer In The Dark, Breaking The Waves is an extremely personal film to me which is why it is so hard for me to review... but I will try my best. Breaking The Waves is the first film in Von Triers Golden Heart Trilogy and arguably his best film. For me Breaking The Waves is in joint first place with Dancer In The Dark

    I often find myself detached when it comes to feeling genuine…

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  • Inland Empire

    Inland Empire


    Where Am I?

    Who Am I?

    What Am I?

    Reviewing Inland Empire is pretty much impossible, it's Lynch's most abstract and surreal film and only now after my third watch am I beginning to connect the dots and make some sense of the film. Each time I rewatch Inland Empire I discover something new and incredible, the first time I watched Inland Empire I didn't get it and shrugged it off as a pointless entry in Lynch's filmography, the second…

  • Wet Sand in August

    Wet Sand in August


    Wet Rape In August

    Wet Sand In August is a chill beach movie like Fujita's earlier film Wild Jumbo... except with more rape. The characters are all unlikable and do nothing but rape/sexually assault these two girls... and yet the girls don't say anything and continue to hang out with them and even go on a boat trip with the guys.

    When the rape is not happening the film has a real nice, chill atmosphere and it would be a…

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  • Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet


    It's A Strange World

    The world is a strange place, full of beauty and mystery but that's not to say that the world is a place without balance. The world has both light and dark, light can't exist without dark and dark can't exist without light and the same can be said about good and evil. The balance of the world ensures that there will always be both light and dark and no matter how perfect a place may seem…

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    It's All An Illusion...... Spoilers Throughout

    Every time I watch Mulholland Drive I watch it for the first time, the film is an ever changing, ever evolving work of art that takes on new form and meaning each time I see it. The world expands, the themes become deeper and more personal and there is no end to the rabbit hole.

    Betty is Rita, Rita is Diane, Diane is Camilla, they are all one and the same and all part…