I'm Dandy ★★★★

No Your Not, I'm Dandy

I usually drink hard liquor while watching old Japanese movies from the late 80's/early 90's.... I tell myself that I do it because I want to relax and so that I will enjoy the movies more but I really do it so that I can feel like a hard drinking Yakuza/ Salary man.... I don't know if this is weird (it probably is) but it sure is one hell of a fun time.

I am writing this review drunk so don't expect much. I'm Dandy was such a fun movie, how is it even possible to make a movie about a Japanese Salary man fun?.... by making him a macho player thats gets all the girls thats how. This movie had me crying my eyes out with laughter, especially everytime Dandy fist pumped and screamed, absolutely hilarious.

The funniest moment was definitely the scene where Kamen Rider picked up Dandy, this scene completely caught me off guard and had me laughing my head off. My pet beagle Blueberry was asleep next to me during this scene and I laughed so hard it scared the shit out of him, poor baby :(.

I'm Dandy makes me wanna add Toei's entire catalogue to my watchlist because their films all look so fantastic and if they are even half as good as I'm Dandy they will be worth watching, also how the hell does I'm Dandy only have 3 views..... deserves at least 1K.

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