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  • Into the Darkness

    Into the Darkness


    Not an exceptionally great movie (nor a bad one), but a valuable—and not well known—chapter of history told through rather “symbolic” characters (something I don’t think is a bad thing in itself but that a lot of modern viewers tend to be averse to). A long movie, but I wasn’t bored at all in its 2.5 hours. To the contrary, it seemed weirdly, arbitrarily cut short at the end—so abruptly it makes me wonder wonder if there wasn’t some budget miscalculation or other logistical issue that prevented its proper completion.

  • Tenet



    Spectacularly, magnificently, confoundingly, hilariously excessive. Also poignant and profound. Strong cast, especially John David Washington and Kenneth Branagh, who I didn't even recognize. Some of the dialogue is a little silly (and some a lot) but not enough to bother me. If anything, I think it gave some welcome moments of levity, intended or not. Unbelievably high-caliber visuals, sound and soundtrack—but not at all a superficial movie, whatever other complaint you want to make about it. I think anyone saying…

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  • Nobody



    Cathartic toxic absurdist family-values ultraviolence for men too old/not quite braindead enough for “The Fast Saga” and tired of the same old old guys. This product contains zero grams of realism, outside of the Odenvibes—barely any coherent logic—but it looks and feels great and we don’t care. We know Apple Jacks don’t taste like apples. And if we want a more reality-based Odenkirk, we can always rewatch Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul or The Ben Stiller Show.

    A movie movie,…

  • Con Air

    Con Air


    The opening credits aren’t even over and I already know this is going to be five stars for me.

    UPDATE: Just finished viewing. I made no mistake.