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  • Nights of Cabiria

    Nights of Cabiria


    “Guess there's some justice in the world. You suffer, you go through hell. Then happiness comes along for everyone.”

    The ending of this film broke me. With every tear Giulietta Masina sheds, my soul dies a little more. Conversely, there is a world of power behind her smile. Her face is so expressive, I’d rather imagine that she would have been immensely successful in the silent era of film as well. Forget Julia Roberts, Giulietta Masina is cinema’s true hooker…

  • La Strada

    La Strada


    “No, I don't know what this pebble's purpose is, but it must have one, because if this pebble has no purpose, then everything is pointless. Even the stars! At least, I think so. And you too. You have a purpose too.”

    Man...and I though Fausto was irredeemable. Enter Zampano...although he may not be completely irredeemable. He’s a worse man, but I think he understands at the end, and his cries of pain are a realization that his own anger and…

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  • Speed



    My confidence in Keanu’s police skills grows exponentially the more obnoxiously he chews his gum. 

    This is 90’s cheese, but the cheese is oh so thrilling and delicious! Earning its title, this movie starts quick and never slows for a second!

  • The Nice Guys

    The Nice Guys


    This reminded me of a more comedic Lethal Weapon, which makes sense as they were both penned by Shane Black. Black clearly excels in this genre more than the others he has tackled, which makes it a crying shame that this wasn’t successful enough to spin off into a franchise. What is also a shame is that Gosling doesn’t do more comedy, something that he is a natural at. His deadpan expression is very Buster Keaton-esque, and makes the absurdity all the more funny.

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  • Battle Royale

    Battle Royale


    The cyanide poison scene is really perfection in writing, acting, and directing suspense. The new Arrow 4k Limited Edition set is a mammoth treasure worthy of this spectacular film!

  • Grave of the Fireflies

    Grave of the Fireflies


    This was just...haunting. Realistically, one of the single most devastating films I’ve ever seen.

    As a fan of “war films”, I cannot recall a movie that so effectively portrays the brutal cost of war. I love the patriotic feelings that many war films evoke, but Grave of the Fireflies reminds us that there are no winners in war. Even if the cause we fight for is just - war is about loss. Naturally, whichever side loses the least ultimately comes out ahead, but how does one measure so great a personal loss as portrayed in this film? Is any cause worth that cost?

    Absolute devastation.