Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★

2021 Ranked

Dug this quite a bit. It’s a movie that I didn’t think had too much going on on its surface but the longer it sat and through discussions with friends, I really opened up to it in a big, bad way. 

The shallow focus is frustrating but a lot of this plays a dreamlike fairy tale with a full on king and queen. Allusions are made to repetition of cycles, people stuck in a loop playing out war fantasies for the rich and powerful. Is this a dream? Are we doomed to repeat our failures? 

This is most apparent in Bautista’s Scott. So much of Snyder exists in this character. A father racing to make up for lost time with his daughter after his job left him an emotionally distant husk. It’s a heartbreaking performance from Bautista, further proving himself to be one of our best actors. 

The world building within Vegas is incredible. An entire hierarchical society built from the failures of the US government. A king creating and sending his pawns out to die for him, all while wearing the garb of the US military. Zack was crazy for this one! 

It’s kind of tremendous and the boldest swing for a zombie flick since Romero’s Land.

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