Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

Oh, how I have sinned by putting this film off despite it being released this year and being directed by the feet loving man himself. The 162-minute runtime brought a worrying feeling over my head as to whether I may find this film boring. Today, I ignored that thought, opened it on my tv screen and watched with the family. And boy did I love it. It's amazing how a film can have such a simple premise yet flow as if years were spent on every single scene. The way the dialogue is crafted and spoken from these characters is in such a natural way as if these people were the real-life individuals living the Hollywood. DiCaprio displays Rick Dalton in such an effortless way, speaking that accent as if he's had it for years (The voice is stuck in my head so when I reread this review, it's his voice). Same with Pitt and his role as Cliff Booth, they become these fictional characters effortlessly. It all feels natural.

The story itself relies on the viewer to be engaged with the dialogue, rather than the overall story. The plot would be hard to understand if you missed certain parts, my dad was questioning certain things which were explained early on in the film. Thankfully, this isn't a problem at all as it pays off in terms of entertainment. Also, the story is the strangest thing QT has ever placed on the big screen. I went into this film relatively blind, only seeing the trailer and reading the plot and boy I was surprised with half of the events. That ending especially, it's very memorable, disturbing and has QT all over it. The entire film has its own personality in its own way. The vibrant yellow color scheme, paired with the distinct cinematography which I love really gives off the 60's vibes in every scene.

It's hard to review this film without discussing this film's plot since I ain't that good at writing reviews yet. All I wanna say from this is that the feet director has produced a pulp fiction of 2019, and god damn you need to watch it.

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