Knock Knock

Knock Knock ½

What you are about to read is real dialogue from the medium once called cinema.
It comes from the vocal chords of Keanu Reeves, sometimes referred to as an actor.

Death? Death? You're gonna kill me? You're gonna fucking kill me? Why? WHY? Because I fucked you? You fucked me! You fucked ME! You came to MY house! You came to ME! I got you a car, I brought you your clothes, you took a fuckin' BUBBLE BATH! You wanted it! You wanted it! You came on to me! What was I supposed to do? You sucked my cock, you both fucking sucked my cock! It was FREE PIZZA! Free fuckin' pizza! It just shows up at my fuckin' door! What am I supposed to do? "We're flight attendants. Come on, fuck us! No one will know. Come on, fuck us!" Oh, twosomes, threesomes. It doesn't matter! Starfish! Husbands! You don't give a fuck, you'll just fuck anything, you'll just fuck anything! Well, you lied to me, I tried to help you! I let you in, I was a good guy, I'm a good father! And you just fucking fucked me! What? Now, you're gonna kill me? You're gonna kill me? Why? Why? 'Cause you fucked me? What the fuck-FUCK-FUCK, this is fucking insane!

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