Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★

How do you even BEGIN to talk about this film. This may very well be the most spectacular reaction to a film I've ever experienced and it's because this franchise doesn't have to hold its punches back anymore - every film that has come before it has just been feeding the endgame.

The first 10 minutes makes it a point in showing that Thanos doesn't fuck around. And HALLELUJAH, the Russo's crafted us a villain you nearly sympathize with, and he's literally the fucking grim reaper.

The cast makes this film, period. Arguably, each of their performances obliterates what we've seen in their solo and crossover movies, and averaging out minutes per character, each of them only get about 4 minutes, but the Russo's make it happen.

Infinity War shouldn't be the name of this film. It should literally be called Marvel. This is the essence of the graphic novels we've been reading on our shelves for years.

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