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  • Reservoir Dogs

    Reservoir Dogs


    Man, I fucking love Tarantino's movies.

  • Fractured



    As most people say it is predictable. But that didn't keep me from having fun. It made me guessing even tho I knew what was going to happen (not precisely but still). Dialogues and setting in the first part of the movie were blatantly pointing towards what was (going to) happening.

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  • Arrival



    There are movies that make me feel something. Not the feelings we have every day. It's something different, something magical, indescribable. I always rate those types of movies 4.5-5/5 even if they have negligible flaws.
    I’m not sure if Arrival has any flaws at the moment because I just watched it and not a single thing bothered me while watching. I gotta either watch it again sometime or read some articles.

    Arrival is different. Most of the movies that contain…

  • Prisoners



    Holy fuck what the hell did I just watched.

    I couldn't be able to breathe throughout the movie. Felt so uncomfortable that I couldn't even lay down for a minute. I dunno how the fuck 2.30 hours passed so fast.

    The atmosphere, grittiness, acting, story, cinematography, whatever you think of, it's all amazing. Literally. Although I don't know how would it be on the second watch. 

    I don't know how anything about this movie didn't get a single nominee on…