Belfast ★½

Holy shit this is bad. Let's start off with the positives and get them out of the way. The only few good things I can say is that there are some "fun" scenes that're enjoyable and it's got a nice song at the end. Alright time for the negatives: The movie's direction is bad like legit bad. Branagh tried to make this film like a diary for Buddy and mesh it into a movie, which is just atrocious. It doesn't feel like a coherent story or a coherent film almost at all. Nothing fits together and nothing feels interesting because they are mostly forgettable individual moments. It's like if Anne Frank's diary was made into a movie in a way. Also the acting is absolutely sub-par at best, except for mayyybe Balfe but even then her "Oscar" scenes aren't interesting. Dornan is pretty boring, Hinds is alright but doesn't do much within his screentime, and Dench legit just sits their like a rock in several scenes, which just pisses me off. Jude Hill & the children are ok, but like they aren't talented in this film, they are just "normal", nothing special. The Production of this film is okay and fits within what it needs to be, but it's not like groundbreaking or anything, IDK why people praise it. Same for the cinematography, which btw looked horrendous at many points, and the editing, which wasn't anything special. The Writing of the characters is decent but the screenplay itself isn't anything to write home about at all. Without any good direction, this script just felt so offputting and mediocre. Finally, the engagement of the film was at a huge low as I didn't feel like I was engaged almost the entire film. There's hardly any action or interesting moment that makes me feel interested. That being said, it's not a trash film, but it is just a bad one.

3.5/10 closer to a 3