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  • V for Vendetta
  • The Fifth Element
  • Heat
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark

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  • Fear Street: 1666

    Fear Street: 1666


    If part one in 1994 set the trap and lured you in with likeable characters and a sense of curiosity, and if part two in 1978 kept the slasher crowd invested and revealed more of the historic surroundings of the story, part three in 1666 absolutely takes the cake and turns out to be the actual pièce de résistance of the entire trilogy because it serves not only as a powerful emotional and surprising conclusion to the Sarah Fier story…

  • The Suicide Squad

    The Suicide Squad


    So, this is what you get when you unleash James Gunn with a full-fletched hard R-Rated comic book film on presumably a mega budget.

    John Murphy's sonic world has been truly missed since Kick-Ass and his hard electric guitar sounds fit in wonderfully with the gritty violence and action but it also finds the quieter beats that Gunn apparently had to sneak by no one to keep in the film and its both glorious and it's very fucking strange to…

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  • The Old Guard

    The Old Guard


    I'm not sure why, but I somehow feared something way more trivial and sanitized than this quite emotional tale of immortals doing good throughout history without even knowing the worth of their deeds.

    Right from the get-go, this made clear that violence wouldn't be an issue and that something out of the ordinary would be going on and, still, the film manages to present itself in a very grounded look, almost making you wish for a little bit more stylized…

  • Kate



    After seeing Mary Elizabeth Winstead in her kickass Huntress role in Harley Quinn's solo outing, it seems I wasn't the only one thirsty for more of Winstead's asskickery, so someone just went ahead and made an entire film about her as an assassin and it's wonderfully entertaining.

    Take out that atrociously unnecessary CGI car chase early on in the film and you've got yourself a very tangible, bloodsoaked thriller with the kind of nasty injuries and violence that would make…

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  • Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

    Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts


    An Indonesian rape and revenge film that somehow feels less exploitative and more grounded than comparable genre-fare. Also, it's not as visually dark and depressing as one might expect from such material but rather glary.

    It's definitely a mood-piece because the film relies heavily on its images along Marlina's journey and is therein definitely akin to the western genre, which also applies to the plot, which is pretty straightforward and without too many twists or turns. Some might take away…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    This film shouldn't work.

    The title basically tells you exactly what kind of a story you're in for. It brings a plethora of expectations with it and, even if you just heard the trailer during previews you'll have picked up on a couple of spoilery details and of course there's a lot of invisibility lore to draw from under the guise of this title (a lore, which I'll actually plan to catch up on, courtesy of an Invisible Man films…