Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★★

🎵This is hell! This is fate! Now this is your world and it’s great!🎵
Eh. Y’all know why I watched this. The genre vertex of cynicism and minimalism. The western gone urban east as apocalyptic crime-decrepitude, freedom is walled off, insulated into the individual, by coldly planar imperialist future – the body is set against the will (court-protected microbombs in the neck) and even the president goes a little mad when made to heel. I think about how every death is given a moment of repose, one eye from Carpenter and the other from Plissken – the woman in the diner maybe a fate worse. The world‘s fate tied to Snake, who is tied to the group, which is tied to the carceral state. The god plutonium won’t save this world either, so just slip it for “Bandstand Boogie”

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