Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

A local theater was showing this a day early, so I said "Why the fuck not?" and went to see it with my father. I was planning on seeing this on my birthday (the 27th, a day after it officially releases in most theaters), but eh, whatever.

This is the only Tarantino film I've seen besides Pulp Fiction (believe me, I've been meaning to get around to seeing his other films for a long ass time now), and I can say that, regardless of my lack of experience with his stylistic trappings, I found Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to be a really enjoyable time. Despite a latter half that goes to places unexpected, it's a really relaxed film that knows when to be funny. It doesn't really have the most developed plot or anything, but if you don't mind two dudes hanging out being a central hook for the plot, you'll adore this (or, at the very least, find it enjoyable).

I might rewatch it when it comes out on Digital or something, but until then, I'd say it lived up to the hype for me. If it doesn't live up to the hype for you, that's fine. Opinions are subjective and anybody who argues against that should shut up.

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