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  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep

    While gummy and containing much more runtime than needed, surpisingly both Kyliegh Curran and and unsuprisingly Ewan McGregor bring fantastic performances. That and simply remeniscing for the set of one of the best movies I've ever seen saved this movie from complete disaster. Enjoyable for the Shining nostalgia and Kyliegh Curran but not much else.

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    A new competitor enters my top 25 with fury (see what I did there). Watching the first few Mad Max movies was an absloute blast and my expectations were higher than the sky for Fury Road. They were exceeded. The cinematography is majestical and enchanting. It commands your complete attention in shots that are comparable to paintings. The color pallete itself remains almost always a dusty brown, flinging us into the apocalypse and giving us a massive scale of Max's…

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  • Bad Taste

    Bad Taste

    Peter Jackson's early films don't sit with me. The gore, the unprofessional feel, the bad effects. It can be a funny and enjoyable watch for some but for me it's nothing but an unsetteling gore fest with a weird plot and shitting acting. I gave this a 1 star instead of a half star simply because it's shots were decent. That being said they were still unoriginal and rarley broke the formula. The gore was just uneccesary, it wasn't funny,…

  • Braindead


    hate me all you want this movie did not land
    i found some parts funny but mostly just overly disgusting
    i'm sorry peter jackson, i love ya, but you can't just add gore and claim it makes it funnier
    the story was bland and i didnt really care about it