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  • Dancer in the Dark

    Dancer in the Dark


    This is a review definitely based on how I feel and I apologise if this isn't exactly the most entertaining or interesting thing to read but i definitely want to express how I feel towards this film

    It's safe to say that seeing is a beautiful thing I couldn't imagine my life without seeing everything from Watching Movies,Seeing my friends,Seeing my Dog and seeing my parents even though I have the help of my Glasses the fact I can see…

  • Burrow


    The Best Minecraft Let's Play I've ever seen

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  • Twin Peaks: The Return

    Twin Peaks: The Return


    i haven't felt this truly blown away and impressed by a piece of film or television in a very long time we'll never get something like this ever again and i'm so glad and happy it exists. far from fanservice and is extremely different from Season 1 and 2 of the original show and stands on its own. one of the most ambitious and masterful pieces of work i've ever seen. lynchs magnum opus in every sense

    everything i wanted and more

  • The Fanatic

    The Fanatic


    This is one of the movies like The Room or The Wicker Man (2006) where you basically have to rate it with the enjoyment you got out of it or how you felt in general

    Definitely fun and stupid and John Travolta is just embarrassing himself the entire time and there's Dialogue about how good the band Limp Bizkit is... Such a Fred Durst thing to do and the ending is so dumb which is to be expected of course.…