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This review may contain spoilers.

"Walt Disney Pictures Presents"
"A Film By David Lynch"

Very funny words that I thought I would never see when watching a movie but here we are with the film I been meaning to watch for a while now and remained one of the few lynchs I haven't seen. With now Wild at Heart being the only one I haven't seen yet which I am looking forward to.

But now.... With this film. Seems appropriate for Lynch to make his story about Old Age at this point in his life and might be a bit personal for him which I'm curious to hear what his own thoughts of this movie are or in general the making of it. But I just want to mention my experience of the movie

which wasn't bad but I can't say i really dug it 100%. Basically 85% of this movie all is Alvin driving around with pretty music playing.. but once you get past that he stops at certain places and has conversations with people he meets normally being about Old Age, Regrets and life in general and one scene that takes place around a Campfire with a Girl was my favorite.

But now i HAVE to mention Angelo Badalamenti. This isn't my favorite score from him but it's still pretty damn good and the opening credits song reminded me of "Twin Peaks" or at least gave me vibes of Twin Peaks which is always welcome.

The biggest surprise was Harry Dean Stanton and Everett McGill which made me happy to see both of them in this but they're favorites from Lynch so of course he'd have to put one of his friends somewhere in here.

Now I love slow pacing in movies and it can be easier to watch sometimes in general and can be incredibly immersive. but with this film at one point I felt the length go by slower than the Vehicle Alvin was using.

I'm fairly tired as I'm writing this review but to put it simply this was a film I didn't have a bad time with but it's definitely not the strongest Lynch film but a nice enough watch if you want to finish his filmography but could have had a better impact

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