Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald ★★

Even worse than I expected, and this is coming from someone who actually really liked the first movie and has always been a massive Potterhead in general. Nothing has weight, 80% of the movie is completely unnecessary and lacks any impact on the plot, the protagonist has no reason to even be involved, the villain is unintimidating and disappointingly silly, the filmmaking itself feels uninspired and lifeless, the “twists” are just items of pedantic information that lack any context or meaning, magic is treated with a flippancy and laziness that harkens back to that of The Force in the Star Wars prequels, and there are so many dumb tidbits and plot contrivances that I can’t even name them all here. Check out my thread on Twitter, where I actually do name every. single. one.

I wish I could say it’s “so bad it’s good” but I’m actually just kinda saddened by the whole thing. Harry Potter is such an important part of my life, and it always will be. I feel like I’m being betrayed, but also like I’m betraying the franchise myself. But this just doesn’t feel like the Harry Potter that I know. And not in a “new, interesting way.” In a perverted, lazy, taints-my-image-of-things-that-were-once-great way. I haven’t lost all hope for the third movie. But this is a massive stain on the series.

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