Rope ★★★★

I am not at all familiar with Hitchcock, his work is a a huge blind spot for me. Rope is always thrown around as one I need to check out, so I convinced Greg to watch it with me. I didn't know Stewart was in this too, so by accident I get to see an example of his acting range. I love murder mysteries, I'm a big fan of suspense, I expect to at least like Rope a bit.

Shot in one small apartment in the aftermath of a murder, cagey Phillip and egotistical Brandon host a dinner party as a secret celebration of the perfect murder. Bandon needs to brag about his deed, even if it's cryptically, so he invites the smartest man he knows - former schoolteacher Rupert. Watching Rupert slowly figure out that there's something a miss with David's disappearance, suspense ensues.

Now there isn't too much to touch upon, right from the beginning we know that Brandon and Phillip killed David and hid him in plain sight. What the film gives us is a twitchy stress filled party as small conversations, wandering guests and heavy questioning leaves you wondering if they'll get away with murder, or be caught.

I've said I don't know Hitchcock well, but what he did here with Rope was put you in the position of the killers. We know the body is there, we know that rope around the book was around David's neck. I've seen many murder mysteries, but it's significantly more suspenseful to have all the information in front of you and still not know what's going to happen next.

I was more than impressed by Rope, I now see why everyone insisted I check it out. I'm still thirsty to see more Hitchcock, now a bit more than before, his touched used on creating such a successfully stressful experience further proves his already known mastery of the art. I obviously recommend it, a great flick for a rainy or snowy day.

The guest who's dead on time