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  • Ghostbusters



    Once again, Ghostbusters proves that plot is name of the game to drive a film forward. Not freakin' politics.

    I will say, the amount of cheeky rudeness you could get away with in the 80's is wonderful! It's a harmless film other than that.
    I watched this in preparation for Afterlife, a film I'm excited for if only to erase the memory of that utter shite 2016 insult.
    Bill Murry is still an arrogant asshole but he knows how to…

  • It



    Upped my score for IT after rewatching the weak remake.
    This is a far superior version of the story. It shows that's extra violence, gore and swearing are NOT necessary to drive a plot forward and keep the audience on edge. The weak CGI took me out of the remake and it's pointless use or overwhelming comedy seriously hampers my ability to be worried about the characters.
    This was made for network TV and as such, couldn't use extreme violence,…