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  • Swiss Army Man

    Swiss Army Man


    The Daniels’ Swiss Army Man is truly just something else to behold, constantly walking the tightrope of out right farcical and genuinely heartwarming often blurring those lines, typically during moments of expelling bodily odours interestingly enough. But what I find most fascinating is the romance at the core of the film between Hank and Manny, a codependent and beautiful queer relationship. This relationship serves as the crux for Hank’s growth and journey to self acceptance, suffering in isolation at the…

  • Raging Bull

    Raging Bull


    [TW: Abuse]

    Throughout the film, we’re presented with images that create distance between us and Jake La Motta, we see the reflection of him in a mirror, we see him behind bars, behind wire fences and behind the ropes of a boxing ring. We are not seeing this story from the perspective of La Motta but rather we are the audience member in the crowd, we cheer for the hits and boo at the falls, we engage with and encourage…

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  • Benny & Joon

    Benny & Joon


    it doesn’t hit quite the same as when i was younger but i still really love some aspects of it, especially the stuff with benny and joon

    anyway if i was to make this i’d make it about lesbians and benny would be gay 😌

  • Cats



    saw skimbleshanks the railway cat,, effervescent

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