Black Christmas

Black Christmas ½

I get what the intent was, but while I was watching it, I felt like the overly exaggerated SJW twitter-feminism the film throws at you, did it more of a disservice than anything else.

It tries to be loud and provocative in order to make a point, but instead of it feeling like an empowering response to sexual assault and toxic masculinity in these post "me too" times, it comes across as patronizing and ridiculous. It's almost as if the film deliberately tried to make fun of itself and its themes by being so caricatured in its portrayal of feminism, white men and campus culture. Yet that is obviously not the idea behind it and that's where we have a huge problem. You don't want a film that touches upon such heavy themes to feel like a joke and that's exactly what BLACK CHRISTMAS feels like. It feels like a joke that somehow missed its own punchline.

Then again, someone will probably just say that this film wasn't for me. And I guess they would be right. That being said, the rest of the film and filmmaking was quite bad as well.

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