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  • Styx



    High Noon plot about a tourist paramedic with tremendous freedom of movement encountering a ship of refugees she's told not to help. Plus a Darwin runner that, among other things, contrasts the microterraforming of uninhabited Ascension with the embargo of the migrant ship. It's manipulative and it's about being manipulative, i.e. Austrian. But it's procedural about inequality and true.

  • He Loves Me

    He Loves Me


    1) 72 minutes
    2) of sparkling citrine cinematography
    3) cut into long quiet stretches in nature
    4) where two male lovers laze about together and apart
    5) kept methodically free of dialogue in exchange for the punctuating narration from one of the lovers
    6) whose inability to get out of his head is explicitly the cause of the film's mounting tension.

    That's bait. And I got hooked.

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  • Velvet Goldmine

    Velvet Goldmine


    Everyone knows Ewan McGregor waves his dick around on-stage as Curt Wild, but nobody talks about what comes next, a cut to the nurse smiling into the camera as she prepares to wheel us off to electro-shock therapy. That’s what happens to boys who ogle boys. The story of an ex-groupie music journalist investigating the death of glam rock icon Brian Slade (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), here’s a Citizen Kane where Charles says, “I think it would be fun to be…

  • The Servant

    The Servant


    Flamboyant bachelor seeks manservant - m4m

    Don't get the wrong idea: This is strictly a business relationship. I'm seeing someone right now, a very eligible woman, don't you know, so don't get any ideas. Right, long story short, I need a man to take care of me. Cooking required, interior design experience a plus.

    Serious inquiries only.

    No fatties.