Favorite films

  • The Bad News Bears
  • Charley Varrick
  • A New Leaf
  • The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

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  • Injustice

  • Pineapple Express

  • The Transporter

  • Danger: Diabolik

Recent reviews

  • Injustice


    One of the more unsettling undercurrents of the superhero genre is that anyone who identifies a real problem in the world and actually does anything about it is the villain. Thanos sees the universe as a place of overcrowding and limited resources, so he ends half of all life in existence.  The Avengers undo his scheme and Stark brings all those ppl back, but the Avengers have no interest in solving the problem Thanos identified, or ending the suffering they’ve…

  • The Transporter

    The Transporter

    Loved this while Statham was transporting stuff, but about 40 minutes in he drops his limo driver suit and his transportermobile and turns into a kickboxer on the run with a hot girl. The coolest scene in the movie is the opening bank heist with Statham behind the wheel, totally calm, living by his rules and exacting precision, while everyone around him panics. That aesthetic should have been the whole movie. Hopefully the sequels do that. The Transporter should have…

Popular reviews

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch is both my favorite Wes Anderson movie and my favorite issue of The New Yorker. There’s nothing in this movie that will convince haters to rethink Anderson. A person who doesn’t like all that icing on their cake doesn’t want to hear, “It’s the best icing he’s ever put on the cake, and there’s four times as much of it.”

    The French Dispatch is the Citizen Kane of icing, and I got into every frame of it.…

  • Dredd



    Dredd walks away from 150 dead civilians and drug dealers, multiple bodies mutilated, tortured, and thrown off 80-story balconies, massive property damage, psychic sexual abuse, blown-off hands, gory eye-gouges, and four cop executions.

    Chief Judge: "So, what happened in there?”

    Dredd: "Drug bust."