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  • Déjà Vu

    Déjà Vu


    You would need a fifty-story building for the elevator pitch on Déjà Vu.

  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    "The Great Dictator," "To Be or Not to Be," "The Producers," there's always somebody complaining that these comedies trivialize Hitler, and "Jojo Rabbit" has those critics, too. It also belongs right next to them as an inventive, comic masterpiece. Tarantino was dragged for his "cavalier revisionism" when he killed Hitler in "Inglourious Basterds," and the cartoonist art spiegelman for using funny animals to tell his father's survivor story in MAUS. Unless you present it as "Schindler's List," there's always a…

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  • Mank



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz used to send a telegram to writers he hoped to recruit for the movies: "Millions are to be grabbed out here and your only competition is idiots." After David Fincher uses it as an early joke in "Mank," I wish he would have had Irving Thalberg throw it in Mank's face later, because Mankiewicz' real competition  – William Randolph Hearst, Thalberg, Louis B. Mayer, and Orson Welles – were not idiots, and that's what makes…

  • Mank


    I wish David Fincher had made "Mank" about Herman Mankiewicz producing "Duck Soup" instead.