• The General

    The General


    the poster is what happens to me when im sitting on a bowling ball and i do a big fart

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7


    My dad would really like this, however he also forces his children to eat sardines covered in tomato sauce due to their carelessly sweeping the supermarket with a Brumstick!

  • The Red and the White

    The Red and the White


    how come we can have red nose day but we cant have white nose day! we should all be allowed to celebrate our heritage and culture

  • The Servant

    The Servant


    well imagine my shark

    stop imagining

  • Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler

    Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler


    I’m the master of disguise
    I sometimes eat cottage pies
    And then I fart

  • The Music Room

    The Music Room


    horror movie concept: you're sealed in the privy

  • Bonnie and Clyde

    Bonnie and Clyde


    we're both really loud and bobbly, and we like to put pants on our heads and jump around and go hello im barnaby bear do you need the toilet? just wondering

    you dont NEED the toilet you WANT the toilet. toilets are not a necessity, you can make a hole or use one of those flimsy pops where you put the coins in and they roll around in a circle - dinner and a show! i hate americans

  • Fitzcarraldo



    im fine with afros and im fine with circuses, but polka dots? lets keep it sensible please

  • Fellini Satyricon

    Fellini Satyricon


    good but not enough sponges on sticks

  • Le Samouraï

    Le Samouraï


    if i had to get away with murdering someone i would murder them and then pretend to go to my house in portugal but actually go to my house in portugal that is only for my tsum-tsums. the police would naturally search this house after searching my normal house, but by that time i would have moved to my third house in portgual which is for my abnormally large plates of italian cuisine

  • The Adventures of Prince Achmed

    The Adventures of Prince Achmed


    The people who muck around making shadows behind a sheet should incorporate Ned into their performance by contorting their bodies into the shape of a giant plate of food and forcing Ned to eat the whole plate. Then Ned gets food cancer and Amanda presses the red button. ‘I would never press the button on you sweetie’ she lies, knowing full well she gave a big big bosh to the bu-


  • The Travelling Players

    The Travelling Players


    Me when I’m travelling to the toilet