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  • Meshes of the Afternoon

    Meshes of the Afternoon


    Easily one of the best short films ever made of all time. Maya Deren plucks 14 minutes of monochromatic speed-dream alchemy right out of a grim reaper's glittery skull. This thing sails through a haunted house like a slo-mo dance routine, then keeps throwing psychological knives right into your soul. The imagery is just perfect.

    However, the score doesn't quite do any favours. Since there is no sound FX present outside of the added music, it's basically ready for you…

  • Inferno




    So here it is. This is the live score I wrote for Inferno. Performed live in a movie theatre in Toronto last October but now with plague-life reducing us to strictly home viewing, I've assembled a revised/improved version so you can stream it at your own convenience.

    First Off: Play As Loud As Humanly Possible - OR - HEADPHONES!
    Actually, headphones would be my go to choice, anything to ensure the bass is overwhelming and all details can be…

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  • The Fury

    The Fury


    Brian De Palma's 1978 sci-fi thriller is the proto-superhero movie of my dreams. Grim, violent, stylish, and totally fucking insane. Psychic devastation has never felt this decadent.

    After a surprise assassination attempt, Kirk Douglas is separated from his son Robin, who happens to harbour some seriously destructive psychic abilities. Now Douglas is trying to find him, while the FBI are hot on his trail and trying to snuff him out.
    Meanwhile across the world, Amy Irving is honing her psychic…

  • Star Time

    Star Time


    Early 90's creepy character study horror flick that clearly has a polaroid of David Lynch hanging up in its locker. Put on some chap-stick and give it a smooch for good luck.

    Henry Pinkle is a mentally disturbed loner, obsessed with a TV show called The Robertson Family and only interacting with his social worker, Wendy. When his favourite show is suddenly cancelled, he heads for the roof of his apartment building to off himself. A mysterious white-haired guru intervenes…

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  • Hanagatami



    Nobuhiko Obayashi's grand statement on wilting innocence comes 40 years after its seed was planted in his fertile mind. Instead he detoured and gave us the greatest abstract/slapstick/supernatural slasher flick of all time, Hausu, which still remains his most perfect film.
    Now he has returned to this long gestating passion project, letting it swim out of his imagination like technicolour ripples in a pond.

    Based on a novella by Kazuo Dan, this sprawling coming-of-age epic follows a group of 6…

  • The Blood Spattered Bride

    The Blood Spattered Bride


    Behold the Gothic dominance of The Blood Spattered Bride, a vampiric odyssey of deconstructed desires, cathartic visions, and revelations caked in blood. Soak up & give in.

    A freshly wed couple embark on their honeymoon, staying at the extravagant family estate of the groom. Once they've settled in, his insatiable appetite for her grows unruly, leaving them in perpetual predator-and-prey mode, tensions spiralling in and out as they circle each other across the property. Her dreams speak loudly to this: a…