Cole Thompson

Cole Thompson

They/them. On the spectrum. Filmmaker/illustrator.

I live for coffee, Kate Bush, and Arrow Video.

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  • Captain EO

    Captain EO


    Anjelica Huston as an HR Giger-inspired human/xenomorph queen hybrid? Yes, please.

    You can hear early tinges of her Grand High Witch performance from The Witches in the way she speaks. She was awesome.

    Full marks on production design. The Supreme Leader's planet gave me David Lynch's Dune vibes.

  • Doctor Who: The Dæmons

    Doctor Who: The Dæmons


    "Fancy a dance, Brigadier?"

    "It's kind of you, Captain Yates. But I'd rather have a pint".

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  • Ken Park

    Ken Park


    So IS "sipi" a real word?

  • Alien³



    Alien 3 > Aliens