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Andrew Boley


Editor for film/tv. Wannabe writer. Have made 4 mediocre short films. Positivity is key.

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  • Snow Angels

    Snow Angels


    David Gordon Green directed "The Sitter," "Your Highness" and "Pineapple Express."

    Now before you jump to conclusions about this man's talent let me say that before his last three movies he was probably the most potent young filmmaker in America. But he began his career through the tail end of the American Independent movement, or you could say the American New Wave part deux. So right as he was starting to establish himself in the independent world, that world, for…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    Max hangs onto the only tree we see in the film, as a huge piece of man made machinery rips it out of the earth.

    True poetic imagery in an action masterpiece.

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  • The Royal Tenenbaums

    The Royal Tenenbaums


    I think what I love about Anderson’s earlier films compared to his later films is the straight talking, realistic character surrounded by Wes Anderson actors. Gene Hackman in RT, Murray in both Rushmore and Life Aquatic and James Caan in Bottle Rocket. These main characters almost act as sledgehammers to the Andersonian style, like he writes these main characters as an outlet to comment on how neat and tidy the surrounding characters act.

    Almost every other character besides Royal is…

  • The Man Who Would Be King

    The Man Who Would Be King


    This is like a forgotten Fitzcaraldo, beyond just the story & the filmmaking the thought of making this film is mind blowing. 

    There’s a subversion in the filmmaking that leads you to believe this is just a romp and a fun adventure film. The music is ridiculously silly and patriotic, all of the winking Connery and Caine do add to this idea. The ending is earned and dark and needed. 

    The story is incredible and the scope of it is impressive…

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  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    I find it strange that this movie is so popular. I see 'bros' quoting it and they always have this next to Goodfellas and The Sopranos and Entourage in their collection of movies. I think a lot of people like it for the wrong reasons. They like the violence and the guns and DENIRO. But for me this is the quintessential art house film: ambiguous in it's meaning, a meandering story with no plot in sight, a protagonist that has…

  • Gummo



    What the Fuck
    What the Fuck

    Cracking Shuck
    Holy Donald Duck

    Smelly Truck
    Youthful Puck

    Hair that's growing out of your back
    Kids that say the darndest things.


    Crepes. With bananas and asparagus.

    Spaceships blasting 409 on a chevy nova.

    Gummo is about 100 times more bizarre than what you have just read.