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This review may contain spoilers.

Why did he have to kill every single character in the movie? For no reason at all. At least the child survived. This movie is easily one of Dave Bautista's greatest body of work. He is truly the best actor out of the top three wrestlers-turned actors. He is obviously followed by John Cena with Dwayne Johnson the worst.

Anyway, the trailers sold an idea that the 'army of the dead,' was going to be the main story. And that the heist is just part of the story to get the main characters in Las Vegas. Even the director kept on saying most of the zombies are different and have evolved. Even the movie explained this quite well. Yet they didn't play into this at all.

The action sequences were insanely good, but then their a lot of great cast members whose stories were not told well to an extend. The best action sequence is the girl who was purposely left behind by the guy Bly Tanaka sent along with them. She fought the 'dead' alone, and that was easily the craziest and well-directed moment there. They should have kept her a bit longer. Also, was this a time travel movie or a movie reliving moments that they already experienced? That's what it ffelt like.